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Tis Herself

This year, Peoria Irish Fest celebrates all Irish and Irish-American women — those strong, beautiful, courageous and loving women who throughout the ages have supported their men and guided their families through good times and bad.

Join us in a new venue named Herself, for a little pampering and a lot of fun. Enjoy activities like:

  • Fingernail, face and body artists
  • Vendors offering fun styles and accessories
  • Displays highlighting Irish women throughout Irish history
  • Biographies of local ladies of Irish descent, and their impact on our community
  • A Chicago Gaelic League speaker’s light-hearted look at the Emerald Isle’s myths, legends, and goddesses
  • Moxie’s Resale Boutique pop up shop

Some services are available at no charge, others are reasonably priced. Stop by and let your Irish shine!